NIU: My New Home

Weekends at NIU are something else. What I like most about spending the weekend on campus is that every weekend is different. NIU, the City of DeKalb, and it’s surroundings, are very good at hosting events or activities for the students who stay in DeKalb. Some of my favorite events this semester have been: Corn Fest, Rake Across DeKalb, Kite Fest, and my all-time favorite, STEMfest. All these events have been major highlights of my semester as I have made some of the best memories of my college experience at these events.

Although the semester is somehow wrapping up already. There are still a lot of events I am really looking forward to. What I am the most excited about are the football games coming up! It is super awesome to have a RANKED UNDEFEATED football team play here on campus! I cannot express how excited I am for the rest of the football season as I am hoping that the Huskies will get a bid to the Fiesta bowl. That is something I would not miss!

The City of DeKalb and NIU take the safety of the students really serious, but at the end of the day, it is up to us to take care of ourselves. Although I feel very safe on campus, I still take many safety precautions while on campus and off-campus. For example, I never walk late at night unless I am with a fairly big group of people. I usually take advantage of the Late Night Ride service so that I am not walking alone at late hours of the night. Another precaution that I take, is that I always make sure my phone is fully charged, and in an accessible but secure spot. I do this so that should an emergency come up, I can have access to my phone to make a phone call.

During our last Northern Lights Ambassadors Meeting, NIU’s Chief of Police, Tom Phillips, gave us many tips to ensure our safety on campus. I would like to share these with my fellow students:

  1. Do not walk parading your expensive phone around!
  2. Do not walk alone at night (call Late Night Ride: 815-753-2222)
  3. Avoid poorly lit area (specially off-campus)
  4. Do not ignore official NIU Safety alerts, they are serious!
  5. Do not panic when rumors are spread on campus, if there is a safety concern, the Police department will send out an alert to inform students.

Following these tips would help students ensure a safe and enjoyable stay on campus!

To end this post I would like for students to also realize that it is our responsibility to KEEP our campus safe. NIU is our home and we should protect it as such. If any suspicious activities are seen, make sure to report them by calling 911, calling the NIU Police Department: (815) 753-1212, calling the DeKalb Police Department: 678-937-2852, or filing a report using the iWatch application.

Let’s do our part and keep our campus the safe place that is!

Go Huskies!