How am I a Junior already?

My first week of my junior year has proved the be the most exciting so far. Coming back to NIU is always an exciting experience, but coming back as an upperclassmen is REALLY exciting. It is a great time in NIU’s history and it is an honor to be an NLA and represent NIU and the College of Engineering and Engineering Technology.

This year, just like the previous two, will be really busy for me. As I have grown and become a leader on campus, I have become more engaged in the organizations I am part of and it is now my turn to step up and be the best leader I can be.

This year I am president of the Honors Student Association, and through this position, I hope to help create a tighter community in the University Honors Program. I am beyond excited to work with the rest of the executive board, as well as our members to achieve this goal.

This year, I am also the vice-president of my fraternity, Lambda Upsilon Lambda, at NIU. I am definitely excited to work with my brothers, as well as all the people we collaborate with, to give back to the community and make a difference.

In addition to being an NLA, I am also a University Honors Fellow, a position that I believe is similar to being an NLA. I love the University Honors staff as my fellow fellows, so I am really excited to work with them and spend the rest of the year helping this program continue to grow and improve.

But perhaps the one thing I am the most excited about, is being able to hang out with all my friends again and enjoy everything that’s great about NIU. The Football, the events, the food, the free stuff, the music, and most importantly, the people.


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