Top 5 Reasons Why I <3 NIU

5. Academics

Nothing feels better than getting the grades you want in your classes. NIU makes it very feasible for students to get a 4.0 GPA, or at least very close to it. Although classes are very challenging at NIU, there are many resources that NIU provides for us to make sure we have all the tools to be successful in our courses. From tutoring centers to themed learning communities and mentoring programs, NIU gives us more than enough resources for us to excel in our academics.

4. Diversity

As a Latino student, diversity was one of the things I was looking for when deciding where to go to school.  I was very pleasantly surprised to see that NIU has a very diverse student population and that is something I really like about NIU. Besides having a diverse student body, NIU also has different diversity centers on campus. The different NIU diversity centers, such as the Latino Resource Center and the Center for Black Studies, are dedicated to making NIU a very diverse campus and helping minority students have a successful and enjoyable journey through college.

3. Engaged learning

Research, student organizations, internships, study abroad programs, leadership opportunities, mentoring programs, service opportunities, networking. Do I need to keep going?

2. Student career success

NIU’s commitment to student career success has helped me and many other students prepare for the real world. NIU’s Career Services is an office on campus dedicated to helping students build their resume, polishing their interviewing skills, and ultimately getting jobs and internships. This office has helped me a lot to prepare for career fairs, interviews, and networking events. I am truly grateful to have this resource available to us. Thanks to the College of Engineering and Engineering Technology and their huge network of alumni, donors, and corporate partners, I was able to secure an internship and scholarship with Navistar International Corporation. On top of that, the University Honors Program and the NIU Alumni Association gave me the opportunity to engage in the Bold Futures Externship Program this past winter break. Through this program, I was able to learn about business, information technology, and law by shadowing multiple successful individuals and getting the chance to see, and experience, what these professions are about. Thanks to these and other opportunities, I have a resume I am proud of and that I know will help me get even more awesome opportunities in the future.

1. The community

My favorite aspect of NIU is hands down our community. My experience at NIU has been amazing and that is mostly thanks to all the amazing people I have met here. At NIU, I truly feel like I fit in wherever I go and that is something I have not experienced anywhere else. The relationships that I have forged at NIU have given me the college experience I always dreamed of and that I will remember forever.


Other reasons why I love NIU:

The faculty and staff, Pres. Baker, our campus architecture and scenery, the College of Engineering and Engineering Technology, scholarships, campus-wide events, networking, FOOTBALL, etc.


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