So It Begins… Again

My sophomore year at NIU just started and with it, all the work, pressure, and expectations from all my classes, co-curricular, and extra-curricular activities. Getting involved in campus my first year really paid off, as I now possess leadership roles in some of the organizations I am part of. I have also other responsibilities, such as being an NLA and Honors Fellow, which have given me many opportunities to meet key people at NIU and have given me a loud voice on campus. I truly feel like my presence here at campus really matters and I feel very lucky and grateful for all the opportunities NIU has offered to me.

This year, I have finally started taking classes in the Electrical Engineering Department and I could not be any more excited. I am now taking, ELE 210, which is a Circuit Analysis course taught by Suma Rajashankar from the Electrical Engineering Department. She is a great professor and I find her class to be both really interesting and challenging. Besides, ELE 210, I am also taking CSCI 241, which I really, really like; EPFE 201, which is really interesting and Dr. Jes Cisneros does an amazing job at teaching it; and MATH 336, which I’m freaking out about. Balancing this course load with everything else going on is not easy, but it is doable. So far, I feel like I’ve been responsible with my work and have stayed on top of things. When I look back to the first couple weeks of my freshman year, I remember how shy and unsecure I was, and I cannot believe I have become the person I am today. Thankfully, this year I am much more confident and I know, more or less, how to work this whole college thing .

In general, the beginning of the school year is a very exciting time of the year and I have enjoyed every second of it. I definitely took advantage of all the events that promised FREE FOOD and/or FREE STUFF and I have now an entire new Fall/Winter 2013 NIU Collection in my closet. I’m glad to be back at NIU, this time determined to make NIU an even better place for all of its students, faculty, and staff. With the help of the OSEEL office, the University Honors Program, the College of Engineering and Engineering Technology, the Latino Resource Center, and all the other awesome departments on campus, I know I will have a very successful semester.